Updates policy

The goal of tellmeGen is for everyone to have access to his genetic information from anywhere in the world with a device connected to the Internet to share it with your trusted healthcare professional. To do this, we have developed a platform that stores, interprets and updates Genetic information.

At tellmeGen we do large-scale genotyping for relevant clinical information, so we use the Illumina Human Core Exome Bead Chip that contains more than 550,000 markers. In addition, it is customized with more than 5,000 simple nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. While it is true that as technology advances we will use broader genotyping chips or mass sequencing, the technology used allows us to extract great information at an appropriate price.

From tellmeGen we will support the previous versions of chip used and will reflect the version of chip used in the private area.

If you want to update the chip version, please contact us by email at info@tellmegen.com and we will provide you with the most accurate price possible so that you get the information update.