What technology does tellmeGen use?

To be able to work with the DNA from the extracted saliva sample, it has to be amplified (multiplied). After this amplification, a genotyping is done.

To do this we have developed a unique microarray chip which contains the largest number of SNPs that, after long years of research, evidence the greatest scientific expression. In other words, we work with those SNPs that the scientific community has approved and is the subject of published papers. Some of the SNPs that we work with have been named in over 200 research articles.

In tellmeGen we use the Human Core Exome Bead Chip of illumina® that contains more than 550.000 markers. In addition, it is customized with more than 5.000 simple nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs that have been previously selected to obtain additional relevant clinical information. The genetic analysis is performed in laboratories with the ISO9001:2015 Certificate, with all the corresponding regulations to offer the highest quality standard, which guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Array Scanner:
illumina® HiScan

Genotyping chip:
illumina® Custom Genotyping Array

DNA-Genotek oragene® OG-500

The samples made in Spain are analyzed in laboratories with the norm ISO9001:2015

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