TellmeGen is here. your health map.

Autor: xcl1456

We are to in luck. Today is one of those days that makes one feel that all of the hard work has been rewarded because after many (many) months of effort and dedication, today we are pleased to share with you the launching of tellmeGen.

TellmeGen was born with the privilege, and responsibility, of becoming the most advanced genetics test on the market. With the firm belief in and mission of making this test an accessible tool to the greatest number of people, we offer the test to you at a price as low as reasonably possible.

It is a easy test; using a simple saliva sample, it offers us all of the information that our DNA gives us about our health. TellmeGen collects this information in a guide-like document which today is known as our “Health Map”.

Your genetic predisposition to develop a long list of illnesses, your pharmacologic compatibilities (medicines) or information relevant to the traits that define you and make you unique, your Health Map is the basis of who and how you are and represents the beginning of personalized medicine.

It is a unprecedented tool for disease prevention and for caring for our health and which, starting today, is available from our website (where you can also find more of the necessary information).

Welcome to tellmeGen and thank you very much for sharing this very emotional moment with us.

 The tellmeGen Team.